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I'm proud to be an early follower and followed person of this site, ha. Looks like it really grew.
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Interesting layout, I haven't yet seen a PDF as a site index before. Come to think of it, that could probably make things a whole lot easier to design! maybe just a little slower to load.
k7 1 week ago

It really does make things easier if you just want to upload a .docx file online.

Looks interesting!
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Elaboraet was updated.
1 week ago
elaboraet 1 week ago

No update today, just a vert align adjustment

Mhm, I guess it's a minor touch. I guess I'll keep Moon for now. Hey, looks great at least!
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Aw, I only found Arctic Fox for PPC Linux. Have you ever found an x86-based Linux binary?
That's right, I remember seeing a CSS trick for Firefox, userChrome method or something similar. Wouldn't an update wipe it out, though?
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shiitakeworsthand 1 week ago

It prob would, yeah. But I'd imagine you could just retain the code and copy paste it as needed? Tabs on top don't bother me much so I've never looked into the fix too much

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