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After receiving zero (zero whatsoever) visitors or hits after up to two weeks, and considering the energy costs, I'll be moving away from self-hosting until I either find a viable VPS or devise a useful plan to balance the power costs. Elaboraet may be down for over a month. ~ If anyone would actually like to read anything I've posted or found anything I've posted a bit interesting, you can contact me from my NC site
A dummy Elaboraet domain is now online, self-hosted. This was an excellent learning experience!
Elaboraet is now back up from a long downtime; long story short, I now have a separate domain (.ml) for testing my self-hosted Apache2 WordPress variant. So far so good, and I can set my own SSL encryption for free, now.
elaboraet 1 year ago

The ML domain will replace the current GA domain (latter is on a free host, it's rather slow!) once everything is transferred. What a day.

Elaboraet is (probably) moving to a new host. Thank you for visiting and following Elaboraet! If it's allowed, I may set up a redirect on my Neocities index.

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