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also adding my button to my site because i only just now realized i never added it to starsticker
swapped the sides that Blogs and Reviews are on
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coffeebug 1 month ago

also an update on the tomodachi page.... like new features...... in blogs...

i feel like i followed you before!! but apparently i didnt!! cute site (marina)
catboo 1 month ago

AAA TYSM :333 i love ur site btw!!

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if i were to completely redo /tomodachi and add more features to your window, would you prefer if i kept everyone in or completely reset the members?
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coffeebug 1 month ago

if i kept everyone, then i'd have to reformat all the code... i don't wanna....

feign 1 month ago

whatever you do, consider me back in

charbomber 1 month ago

I wanna still be in tha tomadachi house.....

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no chat i will not be doing the yoinky sploinky
hi bugsters :)
bugjunkyard 1 month ago

omg haiii :-DDD

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cute site!
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louceph 1 month ago

Thanks! ☺️

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putting the hypnospace mod in /stuff
we got that MCR shit
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