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notprincehamlet 4 months ago

finally figured out how i want my shrine to look! fixed the design, added a footer (be sure to click through the image links!) plus added the treats i've collected from other halloween pages <3 gotta churn out some actual halloween content next week

inkcaps 4 months ago

Oh wow, I really love this is turning out!! The spiderweb divider on your media recs page is SO CUTE and I'm impressed by your Scooby Doo expertise too! There's something so special about a Halloween that manages to creepy but cozy at the same time! ; __ ; <3

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notprincehamlet 4 months ago

@inkcaps thank uuuu <33 creepy+cozy halloween gives me such a nostalgic feeling even though i never actually experienced this holiday :') there's something really magical about it, that's for sure

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