Undead Night Elf

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vultur3 4 days ago

revamped the site a lil, made it a lil less bland

thnxs yall for 13k views !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vultur3 1 week ago

not sure why xanthe's and key's buttons just wont show up when the code in all is the same *sigh*

shinyexe 1 week ago

looks like the link for key's button has to be changed to (xanthe's opens fine in a new tab, probably just loads slowly on the page)

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shinyexe 1 week ago

figured out that xanthe's button is blocked due to a supposed Cross-Origin Resource Policy, likely to prevent hotlinking

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vultur3 6 days ago

@shinyexe i managed to fix key's button, however with xanthe's i just simply removed it

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vultur3 2 weeks ago

i added a lil friend : )

digital art creations by me, coming soon

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