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To the people who emailed me about the self insert webring, I'll try to get you added tomorrow <33 apologies for the wait EDIT: nah i just did it actually so I wouldn't forget lol
lhfm 1 year ago

Hey, question: since KAFU and Teto aren't Vocaloids, and use different singing software, shouldn't the title of this section be something like "vocalsynth"? It doesn't matter to me, but just wondering...

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koinuko 1 year ago

I know some of these aren't sung by Vocaloids, but I usually just lump them together in my mind when I think of "Vocaloid music," although I do plan on having an UTAUloid only section a bit later! Vocal synth is probably a better term though just to avoid confusion haha, so I might change it!

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