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trust when i say im returning So soon!! i have nothing in the works but i really truly miss coding this site and have some inspiration&drive at long last. maybe i'll redo a bit of my home page :) ?
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5 months ago
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late night pet updates o7 will link & check out follows tomorrow! :3
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HI HOW IS EVERYONE!!!!!! omg im so sorry for the hiatus... been with wifey irl a lot :3 im gonna get back to regular updates soon but i put out a lil fix for hyde's page that we hadn't noticed -_- (ALSO if you've linked me n i havent linked you yet pls comment and i will do so immediately!)
beabato 5 months ago

WELCOME BACK I LOVE YOU!!! -waving party flag-

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algolian 5 months ago

happy you've been enjoying yourself irl!! I have you linked if you want to link back!

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cursedfate 5 months ago

@algolian i linked ya!!! thank you so much! (GORGEOUS site btw im in love)

i added your button to my site!! ૮꒰ ˊᗜˋ ꒱ა
cursedfate 5 months ago

thank you so much!! im going to add yours rn :3 such a cute site!

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