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i like the redesign! i'll update your button soon ~
cursedfate 3 days ago

thank you so much!!!!! i need to just get a makeshift link page up so i can link everyone else back!!! sometimes i get too stressed over code appearnces lolol

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sleepy-sage 3 days ago

haha i get it i knitpick my code so much lol

hello! i am 108 in the webring, i was hoping i could get my site link updated, (i was machi, now and for the name "Machi" to be changed to "Lukas" ? thank you so much and i'm so sorry for the inconvenience (and no rush either)
koinuko 4 days ago

It should be updated on the widget now if you CTRL + F5! I'll update the members list sometime later today :)

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so i have rebranded! (i was machi) i know i've been put on a few site lists, i now have a new button! it'd be appreciated if it could be updated to the new button/site link ^^
hi everyone!! i dropped off for a bit, kinda lost my spark. i want to rebrand to something specific but i'm not sure if it's too late to? i'd love opinions on this tbh..

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