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im not even done all the pages for this site currently but i already wanna change it ahsdf i feel like its too plain as it is rn
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theres still about an hour until my anniversary but i uploaded the page a little early just bc idk if ill still be awake in an hours time <3
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tomorrow is my 3 year anniversary with the twins! i'm going to be making a small page specially for it bc theres some stuff i want to ramble about
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my anni with sordward+shielbert is in like 5 days and i still have no idea what i actually Want to do on the site for it...
slumberingweald 1 week ago

maybe i'll make a page just to celebrate the occasion? not rly a major update to the site like a shrine or anything just a little page for me to celebrate the occasion and ramble

i need to make some ocxcanon shrines!! i need to push the holly x nessa agenda as far as i can
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OUGHG I love your site!!! I am a HUGEEEE SWSH lover....and I adore Sonia!! Hop is my biggest kin (and if you're not familiar with that stuff) then I project myself onto Hop like you do with Sonia! I know you follow my partner ( and he is my Bede and I am his Hop! I love to see such an out and proud self-shipper, it makes me feel so happy! Your site makes me feel like I'm back in Galar again.
one day i will stop being eepy and start working
omg omg omg another swsh fan!?!? its probably one of my favorite pokemon games :D
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