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i want a chiikawa shrine
i wanna update my site so bad but im dealing w a really annoying situation at my work accom so i dont have the internet or time lol
aquariumaesthetic 3 months ago

did you know ~!!!!! that hamtaro and the rainbow rescue is my favorite game of all time!

aquariumaesthetic 3 months ago

i got really excited to see this

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victorwurld 3 months ago

OMGGGG HEHE i love rainbow rescue and ham ham heartbreak................ i wanted to theme it more after the latter but its hard to find resources ripped from it! im rly excited to fill this page up lol

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aquariumaesthetic 2 months ago

@victorwurld, let me know if you ever need anything specific ripped or animated! many of the hamster graphics on my site i animated myself

is anyone familiar with how to incorporate pixel frames like these in html?
victorwurld 3 months ago

i guess i cant figure out how to get them to overlap the image...

gummywormhydra 3 months ago

lmk when you find out!!! id love to try that

just found out hotlinking is bad not because people dont want my images to eventually disappear but because it eats up the origin sites bandwidth. i feel ill what have i Done. this will be fixed today
victorwurld 3 months ago

im gonna light myself on fire

juxtajuno 3 months ago

it's okay i did the same thing!! just upload all ur images to a folder on ur site and ur golden. don't stress abt it!!

aquariumaesthetic 3 months ago

I didn't know what it was until i started doing stuff on neocities--don't beat yourself up!

victorwurld 3 months ago

the way i thought people were so against it bc they were just sweet and didnt want my gifs to delete themselves if the source went missing... skull emoji

goooby 3 months ago

I've always wondered why users hated it so much 🥲

datoxicwaltz 3 months ago

I just use imgur maybe thats worse idk

not being able to change the font of my cbox without paying.... im a victim
datoxicwaltz 3 months ago

dont understand how people even edit their cboxes

i cant believe its already been 20 days since i made my account here...
finally finished the pages on my "about me" omfg
swirl 3 months ago

i love ur about me page sm!! the color palette is especially cute (*/ω\*)

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victorwurld 3 months ago

THANK UUUU WAA im working on the readability / font sizes too dont worry... im used to straining my eyes so i think i lack the self awareness. hopefully the brown text is helping already


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