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also, did you get your domain via namecheap? I'll be buying one come the new year and I remember you saying it was a bit of a pain to set up?
macaque 2 weeks ago

I did, and I was actually the one goofing up that time, ha! Just a side-effect of having never done that before.

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shadowfae 1 week ago

That's fair, but means I can go ask you for help later :p

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Both of the website urls I want are available for 30$/yr... Oh man oh man...
I accidentally deleted my own post instead of replying to your comment because I am very silly and my finger slipped, but re: music hosting to use instead of Discord - I use catbox for this!
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shadowfae 2 months ago

Hahaha, happens to the best of us, I just spent an hour troubleshooting a shimeji because I'd accidentally linked it to jdk18 instead of jre8. xD I'll take a look into catbox!

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