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I've been neglecting this site a bit but I have something in the works... be prepared hehe (Hint: it has to do with music(
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Ok i think i got it to work
Oh dear seems like discord nuked the file hosting stuff, I might release my new build today because of that. I haven't 100% finished it but it should be good enough for now
Hey yall, I'm getting pretty close to finishing my site (I've been working on it on and off) but idk what to do for the art section, does anyone have an idea what kind of style I should go for? (that still fits the rainbow aesthetic of it) :D
"I'm 50% done" ok thats probably a lie i keep getting more and more ideas HELP ME
oh my goodness I didn't even realize you were following me... your site is so cool how have I not seen it before AAAAAA
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Ok ok so uhhh I'm like 50ish% done with the new layout... lots of trial and error with JS (I didn't properly learn it idk what im doing) so lol
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Your site is so cool!!! It makes me smile : )
klaudeisbored 4 months ago

thank you!! i LOVE the colors on your site and love the dress up in the about section!

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Good news: I feel motivated to work on the new build for this site again :D I'm very excited to get going once more
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EYEJEST was updated.
5 months ago
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