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Night folks! I can’t wait to reach 10k, in the future! I also want to include a goal of 60 followers! Anyway, as each of you may know, the asylum series is complete! I will be adding an arching storyline version and a first person version. In these additions, you will read an immersive piece that will place you in the shoes of a specific character. As opposed to an overview of the Asylum, a more personal approach
chronicles 2 days ago

Will be used. You’ll know what I am mean soon! Just be patient, it will pay off! (;

Thank you so much for following me!
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adilene 2 days ago

no problem! ^_^ you have such a cool and unique site!!!

Listen guys, I’d like to issue an apology for the lack luster update pattern. See, I’ve just started school and sports, so things are tight. What really makes me thankful is that people were egging me on to add updates. It’s truly beautiful!
Thanks happy dancing toast! I can tell you that I’m as happy as the toasts on you’re site! Thanks for following me!

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