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Hi, I just wanted to say people like this will not be tolerated here on this neocities. As a trauma survivor seeing shit like the top comment here is not ok. I have this IP address blocked (cbox shows EVERYONES IP address in case blocking is required)!!!! I recommend anyone else with a cbox to block this IP.
glitchedguts 1 year ago

I couldn't give a shit if u like my aesthetic or not. I am LITERALLY a trauma survivor. Do not call me a fucking groomer for no reason other than I watched an anime that has nothing 2 do with pedo shit. I despise gross anime, SEL is not a gross anime. They should be ashamed of themselves for commenting something like this.

absentlydepart 1 year ago

Tbqfh people like this are the ones who make my skin crawl more than anything like who the fuck looks at Lain and thinks "hm groomer bait" by the standard of, what, the fact that she's a minor? Something about people reaching so far that their logic essentially amounts to consuming any media with children in it = creepy lol. Sorry you had such a weird comment.

misswannabe 1 year ago

Dude, eeewww!! Why do people think that this is okay??

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sweetietooths 1 year ago

What a loser. Don't let them get to you.

feelingmachine 1 year ago

jsut delete and block them next time and don't comment on it. trying to justify yourself in public like this is giving them the reaction they want. weird person otherwise.. blegh


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