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POV: you found myself in the comment section!! I say good morning!!
Today's song is "Not around 2" by VYTORLA. Idk, it's just ✨ aesthetic✨!! I also realised that if I put the link, I'm 10 times more likely to see it soo...
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Well, I saw it and now I'm curious... Is there a reason why people don't like mother mother?? Not a fan, just curious!!
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misswannabe 4 days ago

Pls don't come after me for asking!! :,-)

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bloodcoveredwebcam 3 days ago

if u mean what i said on my blog i was totally joking lol. i personally dont enjoy the band n theres nothing wrong with liking them...i was just kinda on an angry rant lo

misswannabe 3 days ago

Oooohhh, I see!!

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