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sorry for being so inactive!! life has hit me like a truck. mostly just doing maintenance and the like... but i hope to return to more site building soon! and also continuing my gbf story archives. =w=
ahhh so nice to see you have a neocities, i was checking on your tumblr, because i curious what you were up to... ;w; we never spoke much, but your precense was always so appreciated on my dash. <3 i hope life is treating you as kindly as possible... your site rocks, also. looking forward to more!!!!
to those who know me off neocities, you've probably seen my wonderful cat, miss veru. she had to go to the emergency vet on the 19th as she couldn't walk on her hind legs. my old girl has been diagnosed with arthritis and is on meds now. but i might make her a shrine bc i've been meaning to and she deserves loves + Power. :3

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