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eyesonthelens 1 year ago

I'll be writing about this one later!!

readingproject 1 year ago

When my sons were young I used to watch silent films with them sometimes which let us talk about the movie as we watched. I showed them The Cabinet if Dr Caligari. A mistake. Gave my youngest son nightmares for quite a while. But a great German film which gives an alternative to Hollywood’s style.

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armonicnoise 1 year ago

me encanta esta seccion, hay cositas muy interesantes y obscuras, espero ver algunos algun dia, al igual que la 3 temporada de aggretsuko unu

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eyesonthelens 1 year ago

Yeah!! Cabinet is a curious oddity, the european cinema was on a different wavelength!!

eyesonthelens 1 year ago

Gracias!! He andado muy ocupado en estos días, jejeje

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