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I know a few people with them on their pages follow me, so, question: what's the purpose of a dream diary / writing your dreams down?
paintkiller 1 day ago

Can't speak to the greater benefits, but I know a couple of people who have been keeping dream journals in an effort to lucid dream. I kept one for a while just to try and remember the crazy stuff that happens in my dreams, but that means writing things down right away when you wake up, and I can barely function for about the first 2 hours after I've woken up lol.

sugarteara 23 hours ago

helps you remember your dreams better which can eventually lead to lucid dreaming + the reason why lsd dream emulator exists is because of a dream diary + yume nikki tbh

laikacore 23 hours ago

I record my dreams to remember the important spiritual events in them, or more often, to record the stories and/or characters from them to work them into my writing :3 I have several short stories that are entirely pulled from dreams

waterfall 23 hours ago

i record them privately, not publicly, but i often have dreams that take place in the same locations or follow a sequence. writing them down helps keep the story straight, makes it easier to remember them, and makes it easier to notice the little variations that often add up to something more significant. otherwise i think more visually in dreams than i usually do so they make for good art or story inspiration!

I got 4 or 5 drinks for my own site with the drinking game (depending on if you're counting 'queer' a slur or no). Ur artstyle is also super funky and cool!!
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The article about my issues with the waifuism community (as a waifuist) is up and read to be read! Check it out!

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