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haven't even finished the revamp and already wanna do a new theme.. pink and green it is 😇
revamp is nearly done.. although it's not like a COMPLETELY new layout it's more like a character skin in a game,, looks very different but it's still the same character,, this might be a really bad explanation but I have no idea how to explain it 😭 you'll get what i mean when the revamp is over trust 🙏
im gonna remake my whole entire site... it got kinda messed up and I can't be bothered to fix it now so im gonna remake the whole site with a new layout without any templates! that's if im bothered to though.. I'll do it eventually for sure
hi! im a massive fan of ur art n I saw that u made a site on tiktok! im really happy you followed me! your site is really adorable aswell
sugarychoco 1 month ago

thank you thank youuu!! also i cant wait to see your site updated! (⌒▽⌒)


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