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sorry i havent updated in while >_< been super busy!!! But I haven't forgotten about my site!!! I'll get back into the groove eventually!
:^O your site is so colorful and cute!!!!!
ctrl64 2 months ago

oh tyyy :D!!!

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anyone have keyboard recomendations? I'm looking to replace mine because some of the keys stopped working :^( not looking for anything fancy, but some clicky keys would be nice!
It's Scoot! was updated.
2 months ago
scootarooni 2 months ago

im doing to draw something different for the icon on my about page but for now that's the place holder! Also I decided to make a little journal update section :3 I thought that would be handy

scootarooni 2 months ago

im also on the search for more fun quizzes to take 👀

new journal entry! Talked about some stuff I've been enjoying recently!

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