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Fixed your listing in SiliconValley.
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hi, just wanted to let you know that your img tag python script (imgtaggen.exe) is flagged as "malware" in 7 diff anti viruses, mostly as a low rep file for some reasons. dunno why
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scarbyte 3 months ago

Windows doesn't seem to like pyinstaller lol

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scarbyte 3 months ago

If you need the script, I can rewrite it and just upload the raw python file if you want

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mirages 3 months ago

i mean if you feel like doing it feel free to, i bet it'd be useful to me (and other people) since writting img tags is still quite the boring thing to do and automating it is easier, but obviously if you change your mind about it that's fine, thanks :^). PS : You might consider uploading it to Github for ease of access

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mirages 2 months ago

cool! thank you :)

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