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Thanks for following. Interesting design and color scheme. I won't be updating very often for a while, but I'll be here.
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xerophyte 4 years ago

Thanks! I enjoy the work that you put out!

I have the want to work on web content, but I think my website is mostly fine as of now. I still find having my own repository of basic and free graphics assets to be quite useful in keeping my own personal style consistent.
hastiesthandiwork 4 years ago

work on ear rat

"Soup guize?"
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Something you could listen to while stuck at home inside:
If anyone here is interested in playing a game of Quake3, there's occasionally matches running on the server see for details.
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hastiesthandiwork 4 years ago

ugh, wish my pc didn't eat it a few months back

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cute typography.
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Hope you continue to update and work on this site. Having any sort of website for your band is good exposure/findability. I mean, it got in front of my head and I decided to give it a listen. Neat so far.
rvklein 4 years ago

Here's what I was listening to before your album:

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userlands 4 years ago

thank you, i really appreciate the feedback! + good album you shared :-)

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