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I find your art style to be quite lovely. It works nicely with the subject matter you seem to be interested in too.
m0r1bund 11 months ago

*_* Thank you so much for the kind words!!

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Cute stuff. Nice to see a fellow Montenegro ccTLD owner. Thanks for doing the polite thing and including a noscript message. I implore you to take a dig through any of the contents of the source of my own site here. I bet it's hot in in the state of TN right now.
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mystsaphyr 11 months ago

Hey, thanks so much! Trying my best to learn web best practices as I do this I guess haha, still need to add some kind of alternative nav like a sitemap or something. Love the layout of your site btw, I'll be sure to dig around a bit! (And it's not terribly hot, just humid... really humid)

Note [mostly to self]: The homepage design needs some small adjustments to handle overflow behaviour of the auxiliary navigation link pool [on mobile]. Oops. No big deal. I will probably just drop the minimum width from that which will allow line breaking to happen between link blocks.

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