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rvklein 11 months ago

I split up a photo collection that was originally all shoved into one big HTML document trying to load like 150+ fullsize images at once and having to scale them all to fit boundaries too.

rvklein 11 months ago

Anyway, this is actually usable when split up in to simpler, smaller, and generally less unreasonable to even try and load in even the smartest web browser.

rvklein 11 months ago

Most importantly, I hope this serves as a rudimentary example of a minimalist paginated/segmented image gallery.

Maybe I should do a bunch of writeups to explain my work and creative processes here? I don't know. I think that the face value ambiguity of my content leads to more thinking about it. However, I do think that I would generally get more traffic from providing more useful related words to read about the content I have here.
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rvklein 11 months ago

It is broken for now because I keep getting the thing to crash browsers hardcore. And while that is funny to see happen, it is not the desired goal of this project.

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