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The intentional dithering and grunge or psychedelic aesthetic mixed with 90s nostalgia, looks amazing. Following.
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karamuki 1 year ago

hey thanks! im glad you like it!

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scopefilter 1 year ago

No problem. :)

does anyone host a blog on their website? if so, how did you set up your blog? my first guess is usually wordpress but that's probably overkill for this. thanks!
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paintkiller 1 year ago

HTML and CSS. Np hate on other answers or your choice, my entiere site is HTML and CSS tho. It's work, to be clear.

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rainmirage 1 year ago

I use simple html and css, then copy and paste the 'post' html whenever i want to make a new post. you're welcome to copy my html if you'd like :)

your art is really cool! 'ready for something new?' is my favourite :)
karamuki 1 year ago

ay thanks!

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