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Maybe I should do a bunch of writeups to explain my work and creative processes here? I don't know. I think that the face value ambiguity of my content leads to more thinking about it. However, I do think that I would generally get more traffic from providing more useful related words to read about the content I have here.
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rvklein 2 years ago

It is broken for now because I keep getting the thing to crash browsers hardcore. And while that is funny to see happen, it is not the desired goal of this project.

rvklein 2 years ago

Okay, woot. I got the gathered random-enough entropy passing through some SHA-3 functions and into the Salsa20 stream cipher. Here is an example of the whole thing in action. Does this have crypto-level security? IDUNNOLOL! I would like to see somebody prove that it doesn't. That would be hard though.

rvklein 2 years ago

I had to put in a lot of work just to wrap my head around the principles of this and figuring out a good way to gather decent entropy from the start was probably the first toughest bit. The next toughest bit will be rigging up the output of this script to some sort of more rigorous statistical analysis methods. I am half tempted to go full monte with this and make my own toy random pool sorta like /dev/urandom here.

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