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encounters-ltd 1 year ago


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rvklein 1 year ago

Just now added the IPNS (IPFS name address service) link to the homepage hidden in the accessory website links details disclosure element. I am excited to finally figure out how to utilise this technology myself without Neocities to help. Not that I plan on leaving here as my so-called "home base" any time soon. I am happy to have a better ensured continuity of availability from my use of decentralisation tech though

rvklein 1 year ago

In case anyone has read the former comment regarding my new addition of IPNS based routing for the content of my website on IPFS, you can help me by pinning/mirroring from the following name/hash:

rvklein 1 year ago

oops ... ipns://QmRs5b2u1kPvAgpB9rErTJstys67xczRL3XB4joSThzUiJ/

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violetradd 1 year ago

always love seeing your site

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rvklein 1 year ago

Thanks. Currently working on the distribution of site content and other such things.

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