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Uh! Your site is v cool, glad to find someone else who almost shots entirely on film!!!
inaka 1 month ago

Thanks! I'm curious to see what you have to say on Wender's Tokyo-ga. My next article is going to talk a lot about it. It's quite hard to track down, but what a film.

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eyesonthelens 1 month ago

I might go and rewatch it one of these days, I'm a big fan of Ozu's and Wender's works, I find it quite emotional and the things that caught Wender's attention are very peculiar!! Please let me know when you release the article!!

Sometimes I re-read whatever I write here and wth, I sound drunk most of the time slmaksfa
eyesonthelens 1 month ago

It's because I write too many things wrong, lol

eyesonthelens 1 month ago

Bu t sorry ho w du i typ--'

eyesonthelens 2 months ago

Don't ask how this update was published two times simultaneously, looks like slow internet connections seem to freak this place out.

eyesonthelens 2 months ago

Added Edward Yang's 'A Brighter Summer Day', review is empty (for now)

I need new color palettes
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eyesonthelens 3 months ago

Eh, you know what? It's whatever

x-tremeproject 3 months ago

I would say Red/Yellow or Pink/black or Purple/pink. I can go on but it whatever you want.

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eyesonthelens 3 months ago

I also miss the black/pink palette I had but I don't know how to use it anymore, lol

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