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your website is really cool! i'll definitely be adding your button to my website ^^
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eyesonthelens 1 month ago

Thanks, I just added yours!!

eyesonthelens 1 month ago

Your site is pretty cool as well, I like your aesthetic specially the colors!!!!

Today I learned that felony is a true cognate between English and Spanish, today was the first day I've ever heard "felonia" in use.
hey dude, what script are you using for your blog? nice web!
eyesonthelens 1 month ago

I designed it on my own, hehehe. It is poorly based on the BBC site during 1998.

eyesonthelens 1 month ago

La neta me costó un montón de trabajo hacerlo, pero si te interesa te puedo mandar algún código luego para que hagas algo parecido.

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eyesonthelens 1 month ago

Tengo mis plantillas por ahí, jsjsjs

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stigma 1 month ago

buena compaa yapo

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