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So, if you can't tell from the page updates, I did that thing I said I was going to last night. It's up at now.
Something I'm likely going to do: clean up the explicit stuff in's playlist, remove the sutff I don't like from Pulse's playlist, throw in some rave stuff, and make a station called The Emporium. I'd have a feed with local weather alerts and a feed with national emergency alerts. What are your thoughts on this?
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r-temisia 5 months ago

this sounds really cool!!!

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The best part about setting up a new email address: you get to update every single reference to the old one
I've finally gotten around to officially launching that vaporwave station I've been working on! The site for it is up at
Sorry I haven't really been active in a while, I've been pretty busy with other things. You can look forward to a vaporwave station getting a website soon, though... (and I might rewrite the DIY radio station page like I've been meaning to do for a while)
RadioSurvivor link still linked to the old blog they ran, that's fixed now.

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