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On second thought, the site itself is fine. The code definitely needs work though. I'll rewrite it but keep the looks the same.
Should take a dip in my GRSites texturs archive to see if I can find some graphics for a potential redesign...
marshmellosucks 1 hour ago

If I do redesign it'll look like, that site's probably one of the best I've ever made tbh should be good for another year, migrated the domain over to Porkbun
Pro tip: never give me access to your Twitter DMs because I never shut up
Hello from Windows 2000! I have no idea why, but hello!
marshmellosucks 1 week ago

Not kidding either, here's proof: (using the WebOne proxy running on my main Pop!_OS system -

searchgoggloplexia 1 week ago

how tf did you get retrozilla to work? can't visit a single site on it, and i'm talking windows 10

searchgoggloplexia 1 week ago

(also hey there's my comment)

MSX.ROCKS ( may be shifting to a more experimental-focused format, with some rock still in the playlist. If you have any suggestions (IDM, ambient, etc.), let me know at or here on Neocities.

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