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A mirror for browsers without support for SSL is now up at! On a side note, I wish Neocities had the option to not enforce SSL.
Took my Sony Mavica on a little bit of a road trip and got some images of a few older-looking stores in my area. The gallery is up at, if you wish to take a look.
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saint-images 2 months ago

It's almost as if Mavica was developed specifically for this kind of photos.

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Just now realized I forgot to set up the e-mail forward for the contact e-mail address after I migrated to Porkbun. That's fixed now.
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Fun fact: CORS is a pain in the ass
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Daily Millie for tonight is up! Subscribe to the RSS feed if you haven't:
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Your website takes a while to load, but once it does, it actually doesn't look too bad on my netbook. Thanks for the follow!

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