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There's been 9 AMBER alerts this year. We're 11 days in.
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hekate 9 months ago

Nationwide??? At least 2 of those have been here in Washington...scary

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searchgoggloplexia 9 months ago

Sounds rough for you. I didn't get any of those, i only just got a required monthly test of the EAS.

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marshmellosucks 9 months ago

Yeah, they've been nationwide

ur website is super cool :0 and I love ur cats :3
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How many fucking AMBER alerts will there be this year, holy shit
KZND-FM in Alaska just failed the monthly test hard, here's the recording if you wanna listen: (LOUD AUDIO WARNING)
Iowa's Monthly Test went over the air a couple minutes ago, went ahead and added it to my site. Expect to see tests from New York City, Minnesota, and possibly Alaska on the page later.
marshmellosucks 9 months ago

Nevermind about New York City, WNYC failed the test

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