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Decided to swap over to the new Icecast page design, it's live at! Also backed up the old pages to
Decided to do a quick little redesign of my Icecast server page, check it out at! And yes, I did get Webamp to work on it too.
Uploaded the first capture from my Sage EAS encoder, definitely better than the previous setup lmao
marshmellosucks 8 months ago

Also the South Carolina CAE Live voice is the first time I've seen a radio station use a Trilithic EAS decoder, basically every radio station has a Sage Digital

I now have my hands on a Sage EAS encoder/decoder, going to get it in the chain once I get the proper cables for it.
Decided to do a format change on the secondary stream from jazz to 70s and 80s soft rock, that's up at
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