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So I wake up and my EAS decoder logged like 10 severe thunderstorm warnings for Texas while I was asleep
Note to everyone following me: NEVER support Sia in any way. She's shown herself to be incredibly ableist. /
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marshmellosucks 4 months ago

(CW: Ableism) First is a tweet about a scene in Sia's film "Music" which features an autistic person being restrained (which is a terrible fucking way to handle a meltdown), the second is about Sia's refusal to cast a neurodivergent actor for the role. Sia has also bullied autistic actors.

marshmellosucks 4 months ago

Another one, highlighting more shit that's fucked up about this movie

keysklubhouse 4 months ago

Yeah. Turns out she's kind of a piece of shit.

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Also wasn't that good of an idea to drop with no warning so I'll be putting the server back up under both ice1 and stream subdomains
So my supporter subscription ran out... oops
Guys... I think my egg's cracking...
marshmellosucks 5 months ago

In other words I'm shifting more towards non-binary

Moving my stream from to, gonna leave ice1 as a wildcard redirect

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