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Henry Weinhard's Root Beer is one I came across here in San Diego that's quite good. Has a very smooth, but complex and well blended taste. :)
alfstapedeck 1 week ago

I'm gonna keep my eyes out for it! Hopefully I can find it somewhere locally! thank you for the recommendation :D

arkmsworld 1 week ago

No prob. If A&W is a 3 on the scale (which I'd agree with), H.W. is a solid 4 - although maybe higher as I haven't tried nearly as many brands of rootbeer as you have. It's not as carbonated as A&W, so it doesn't feel as "thick"...and doesn't explode as readily when you open it. :)

arkmsworld 1 week ago

I used to love birch beer as well. Gotta look around and see what's available in this town.

Hey! I'm really loving the aesthetic of your site! I love seeing personal websites that you can tell people put a lot of care and effort into. (also I linked your button so we're officially neighbors now! :D)
Hey! Love your site! You have great style! I'll definitely be linking your button on my site when I have the energy to do so!
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anothermigrane 1 week ago

thank youuu!! I'll be sure to do the same!

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