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Blowing the dust off of this again. I'm watching some friends make a foray into the brave new world of webdev and it makes me miss playing with this on my own time. (Not to say i don't do anything outside work...mostly have played with
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Finally getting around to refactoring my nav. I could probably also look at refactoring my CSS to be more, like, component based than page-based (ie: universal elements all live on the same CSS sheet so I only have to import that) but like. lol. Anyway hopefully I'll get some more stuff done soon! Picking at this during work so I can't sprint thru stuff rn.
You have one of the most beautiful websites I've ever seen :0
Squinting at my doll page like. Might be time to tunnel out into a couple more categories. I have two more in mind but auhg ough my row balance
solflo 1 year ago

your dolls page is really fun! the pinkie cooper reminds me of that peteena poodle doll from the 60s. i think we need more anthro fashion dolls, they're really cool!

Absolutely adore your layout and art, going to be spending some time looking through everything more closely for sure.
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pleurodelinae 1 year ago

Shucks, thank you so much!

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love your page, ive been wandering around it for days now and find your stuff so intriguing and well-curated. it's been helping me figure out what i'll eventually use my page for :'D

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