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NEED to revamp blog SOON I have to talk i ha ve to complain i need a personal space to be hatred
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foolsparadise 2 months ago

hopefully once thats done i can stop revamping existing pages and work on new ones eyeroll.... RECORD COLLECTIONDOESNT COUNT THOUGH bcs its barely even started... also im thinking of doing a shrine next finally

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oh yeah um i totally beat the splatoon 3 singleplayer AND I LVOED IT it was like a pleasant balance btwn 2 singeplayer and octo expansion. i wanna beat after alterna but its so hard...
ollys-site 2 months ago

octolings fall for the lil buddy bait HARD so you can always panic throw him if youre overwhelmed

foolsparadise 2 months ago

thats waht ive been doing for the beginning, the thing thats really getting me is the wall climb after you defeat the first round of octolings. the timing really messes with me LOL

happy birthday ^^ hope its a good one !
ita 2 months ago

thank uuu o^▽^o !!


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