It's a Fool's Paradise, Anyhow!

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coming into neocities was kind of scary bcs i thought you had to be a really good coder to get any like recognition or followersbut actually this community is so accepting of any skill level or how you choose to build your webbed site and i think thats really makes making my Own site a lot less stressful LOL
foolsparadise 5 months ago

ofcourse mostof this is just my own paranoia like i go into everything worried ill be judged but still...its encouraging ^_^

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btw i noticed for whatever weird reason the link back button on my guestbook just isnt working. confusing. i went to fix it yesterday and it seemed fine when i put my url in the settings section and then it just did what it did before. idk!!! has anyone else had this issue with guestbook 123

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