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macedev 1 year ago

Damn congrats on losing 50 pounds. I know how you feel though. I'm trying to gain weight and it feels nearly impossible. But I guess we both just gotta keep working hard. Also, glad that you're back!

encounters-ltd 1 year ago

congratulations on losing some pounds... please keep taking care of yourself, it can be hard out there. lots of love

rbuchanan 1 year ago

I still track five photoblogs on tumblr weekly, but what's not defunct there is hardly so active as it was. Don't worry about your weight; after your headway to date, you'll shed the rest when you're ready.

x-tremeproject 1 year ago

Life is full of condensed challenge and it can be difficult some time. Take care devils and congrat on coming back!

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hey i think i saw somewhere that u wanted a shirt? if so somebody is selling the "dangerous internet" shirt exactly how i remember it @
owlman 1 year ago

Thank you veddy much! I had a look through the Internet Archive to see if they were accurate, but sadly the Rotten Store had loads of broken images, the only t-shirt that I can say *really* was sold by Rotten was the D A N G E R O U S I N T E R N E T one, perhaps I will buy a shirt from the link you posted, but I certainly am going to keep an eye on that site to see if they are going to start to sell the mouse pads.

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