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And... WE'RE LIVE! "Wondering Intro Geocities" First Video is in the Site! I was gonna host it on the domain but looks like the server doesn't likes it. So, I used Google Drive for while, do you know few file hosting sites that do for free for hosting one thing? Comment it below!
bright-eyes 1 month ago

As it's free hosting, neocities is very careful about the file types you can upload. Video files are just too big.

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sorry about taking long, I had tooth problems and vax side effects in this week and that was a hell ride.
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video is done, now creating website for hosting the video
well guys, I'm thinking to start some series of "Wondering Geocities" ofc I'll use AI or DEC voice for this or no voice. Yes, it's gonna be video on here, not youtube. Youtube is fucked up with false copyright attacks.
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dann 2 months ago

Look forward to it.

wtf how it's down to 98 followers?! I think it's curse of Windows 98.
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bruh moment
bruhltd 4 months ago


77grandows-plus 4 months ago

certified moment of bruh

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