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Hello Word! How knows how to use js code ? i'm stuck whis configure js by web player - need Help
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Fuck yeah! Completely ready Audio player on the site! Available to display Title and Artist of the currently playing song And for the brakes and thoughtful listeners there is RECENTLY PLAYED Enjoy, M0ther F*ckers!!! Beta The test continues.
oh shit - too mush FUCKING COde !!! new update coming soon
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Today is a good day go hell boys!!! New summer update coming
Hello all - who know how to loop youtube player on this site ?
hosma 6 years ago

Try the Youtube API

spacecat 6 years ago

i believe there is a stackoverflow question of this and it was answered. Just do some googling. :)

arkmsworld 6 years ago

Are you just asking how to loop a youtube video that you have embedded on your site?

arkmsworld 6 years ago

The embedded video will have the source location in quotes: src="blahblahblah". Just ad a question mark and loop=1 within the quotes like: src="blahblahblah?loop=1"

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