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Hi! I’m a language enthusiast, and I wonder if you’d like me to make a guide on Latin for your site, particularly Old and Classical Latin?
yudosai 5 years ago

That would be pretty bomb. Classical latin is fun.

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owltech 5 years ago

I was planning doing a guide on various old laguages, among which one for Latin, one for ancient Greek, and guides for reading and understanding older alphabets and writing systems. I also considered making guides on modern languages that i find interesting like Russian, Japanese and Mandarin. Tl;dr: I have big plans for the Language section and they DO include Latin. however, i learn them as i write about them.

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owltech 5 years ago

So don't expect the greatest of guides. However, i will post resources I use as i work through each language. I need to get an FTP server set up so i can have a place to host the resources in, since i cant really do it on a basic Neocities account. I'll also try to teach about various conlangs amd all the linguistics involved into building one, if that sounds like something you'd enjoy.

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dklsfkdjssj 5 years ago

I should’ve been less indirect lol, I’ve been making bits and pieces of a guide for a while and I’m asking if you’d like to have it for your site when it’s a bit more complete :)

owltech 5 years ago

oh, i misread the question, sorry. Yeah sure man, i appreciate contributions to this. If you're piecing a guide I'd love to take a look at it! If you wanna send what you have you can give me an email at . Since you said you have bits and pieces of it I'll try my best to learn a bit of latin to build on top of what you have

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