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your username is EVERYTHING omG. yes, hatebirds. the pound of flesh i have lost to those little bastards... it's always been budgies in my family - adorable little maniacs. smaller beaks too, for smaller flesh sacrifices to the parrot gods, though my last one had a penchant for tuna and chicken OuO
traumagotchi 1 month ago

HAHAH thank you!!! and YEAH lovebirds are so evil dude. i still love my little hatebird a lot though hehe- i also have 3 budgies! i haven't had the time to add them onto the page yet though unfortunately

i cackled so hard at the "ooohhhh story of undertale" at the side of your homepage LMAO please for the love of god preserve that somewhere if you ever change it, its so good
chipsfunfun 1 month ago

bro this comment sums up what I love about this webbie.

flybynight 1 month ago

BUT OF was a placeholder back when i was just starting to work on the homepage like right where the list was, i don't think its gonna go anywhere tbh LOL

currently working on a new site layout!! rlly excited to put it on my site and show everyone when i have a decent amount of it finished :-)
traumagotchi 1 month ago

don't worry btw the yellow aes is staying!!! just moving stuff around


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