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9 months ago
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urg i wish my site actually updated for me when i try editing it.. its been hours and ive cleared my cache like 5 times...... PLZ
kopawz 10 months ago

did you try ctrl+f5? it's a hard refresh that ignores cache content

sorry got super busy with school but hopefully ill be able to update things soon :) i have some fun ideas
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omfg i just saw ur comment on my profile and accidentally deleted it but i am so happy to be your 69th follower 城
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1 year ago
if my site looks freakish and mangled to anyone, or if anything is broken please let me know
godsavetheanimals 1 year ago

i used absolute positioning on some things, unsure if it looks horrible on anyone elses end since theyre based on my own screen. oh well, theyre movable so it shouldnt be a huge issue

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