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I'm gonna start working on monster executioner soon. School has been absolute hell and I'm being flooded with make up work. I'm probably gonna like re-do all the models in the game too. Also, I'm thinking about adding a changelog to the site so you can see exactly what I'm doing with the game.
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scarbyte 1 year ago

Also, all the pages should work correctly on mobile, please tell me if the site looks messed up on your phone (or pc).

I hit 100k views! Kinda dope.
Me every 6 months: "okay so from now on you should start seeing some more updates..."
microsoft bought zenimax
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lolwut 1 year ago

The Empire of Gates continues to grow!

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You seem like a pretty cool programmer. Your "Eye engine" Java engine looks real interesting, I might try it out if the scripting language itself is also Java. Good luck with your game!
scarbyte 1 year ago

Thanks so much! Also the eyengine isn't very intuitive or user friendly, haha. It's mostly just a project to expand my programming knowledge.

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