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Can I just say I love the layout of your website? The textboxes you use are very stylized and I like the backgrounds you choose for the pages!
mementomorioh 1 year ago

Thank you! I used a base layout by a user on this site (eggramen--their CSS layouts are great) and the backgrounds are from the Japanese pixel artist 1041uuu!

Fixed the mistaken number of Fruits Basket volumes--I think that was a typo lol, I do have 1-23!
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McMento Mori was updated.
1 year ago
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pagespages 1 year ago

Nice manga selection, but you list Fruits Basket as being complete with 21 volumes, however, Tokyopop released 23 volumes (though 23 is ludicrously hard to find). (I kind of miss the old Tokyopop (not that I was into manga then). Luckily, I have gotten a lot of volumes from them, just not a lot of volume ones or complete series). Any recommendations?

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