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Thank fuck you decided not to. I've been in situations similar to yours, pondering if I should even continue my existance. Just know this: things may look shitty for now, but you'll always get the chance to get out of your shitty situation. I know it may appear hard, even impossible, but stick through it and reach out for comfort if you need to. We'll always be here for you.
Updated the layout! If you spot an issue, let me know.
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Damn this new layout is a vibe
cinni 8 months ago

thank youu!! ^_^<3

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Threw up a few more instant images! Gonna have to get some more film for this camera tomorrow, I'm out of shots to take and I don't have any more...
I've added some instant camera photos to my site! Check them out at
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Thanks for being my 50th follower!
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rksmith 9 months ago

Oh cool! It's an honor haha, just added your button to my links!

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marshmellosucks 9 months ago

Went ahead and returned the favor.

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So I just hit 50 followers... Thanks to all of you who follow me! This was intended to be experimental when I first made it over two years ago, but now it's kinda become my interactive business card.

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