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The Winter theme is now applied! Feel free to let me know what you think! Also trying to come up with an idea for a summer theme...
marshmellosucks 9 months ago

Thinking of doing a monochrome theme for Summer

Gonna try migrating the link styling from the pages themselves to a CSS file so I can change themes easier
Sorry for not being active much at all here, I've mainly been busy with my IceCast server. Might work on a winter theme sometime soon.
Trying to shift the primary format of my station from pop to pop punk, currently doing a trial run of a few songs. Tune in at!
Added a few more songs to the stream library, tune in at!
IceCast server is back up and secure!
IceCast server will be down for a bit, compiling from source to get HTTPS support
My IceCast server now has a subdomain! (HTTPS support coming tomorrow)

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