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That epic moment when the strain a certain unoptimized VST's instances put on your CPU causes the entire PC to crash, you restart, reload the project, spend 10 minutes trying to figure out why the DAW crashes and it turns out that it's because the crash broke the VST, so much so that you have to reinstall it, but you don't even have the installer on your PC anymore so you gotta bother yourself with that too now :D
hosma 1 year ago

And so, after reinstalling this shit and finding more and more of its folders scattered throughout the filesystem every single time, I'm pretty damn sure I got rid of absolutely everything I can. I pray to everything that this fixed it, because I really don't feel like retracking everything with a different amp sim. So now, I sit here before this slow-ass installation wizard, waiting. The result, as it turns out...

hosma 1 year ago

Wow ok I was prepared to go to sleep crying but apparently it works now. Huh.


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