it's lowercase btw

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just logged into my account after all this time and Cunt Yolk's "Daddy's Cummies" has 1.4k views wtf when did that happen
hosma 6 months ago

btw remaking the entire website again, dont tell anyone but im gonna bring content™ back

encounters-ltd 6 months ago

Did someone say CONTENT™?

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strata 6 months ago

just logged into my vime-- oh.

hosma 6 months ago

@strata FUCK at least that video's still up on ph

I've come to learn that chances are you're not doing electronic music right if automation of various things makes up less than 50% of any given project
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hosma 7 months ago

Looks like it got buried by all the other pages, but just in case you didn't catch today's post: tl;dr the guy with the meme safe is back and he said it will open on December 20 this year!!

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