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Everyone! We are super excited to tell you that Neobadges is released! Go check it out!
jackomix 6 years ago

Woop woop!

lancerr 6 years ago

So are you going to use the test version as the new homepage or keep this one?

jackomix 6 years ago

We will update Neobadges, currently it is at 1.0 and I believe when 2.0 is made it will use the new homepage.

Neobadges was updated.
6 years ago
Hello everybody! We are updating as of now and we are really close to finishing. We just got to work on the website and we are done! Neobadges will probably release this week, maybe even today or tommorow. Anyways see you when it's released! :D -Galaxycat
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Hello everyone! We're glad you are happy for Neobadges, it isn't ready but it is extremely close, just got to do finishing touches. By the way, the people we follow is the staff (or the people we *can* follow). Thanks! -Galaxycat
I've had 500 views in a day before, but it seems like views have been decreasing over time. Perhaps when school starts again more people will come to Neocities and everyone will get more views.
websitering 6 years ago

Also, are those total views or unique views?

melonking 6 years ago

I think what happens is neocities gets shared on some blog or something and there's a huge view rush for that day, then it drops off. Iv never been sure if views means site hits or profile views, both are counted in the API.

project2 6 years ago

i'm pretty sure that views is the amount of unique visits

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threec2002 6 years ago

with checking google search console...there is a different result...the views of my site on neocities is around 47000, but on google is just 200...

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websitering 6 years ago

I think Google Search Console just reports the people who've found your site with Google.

threec2002 6 years ago

i think you're right.

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