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You should unfollow HTPG and until he makes the shrine then you follow him ;)
heythatsprettygood 7 years ago

wwwwwooooowwwwww you're just jelly you didn't get a nice message when he followed you

ethsanime 7 years ago

dont forget the glitch art statue of the character on home page

i'm mentally down at the moment, probably no updates for some time
what is "special sauce"?
joppiesaus 7 years ago

It's an algorithm that gives websites an score, and then sorts by the most score.

suyu 7 years ago

I was the first on special sauce few weeks ago

anthonynaber 7 years ago

That's cool.

signalsolonset 7 years ago

You're always super special, that's why you are here with me~

what do I do if paypal is banned in my country?
kyledrake 7 years ago

Call the prime minister, ask him to unban it.

2bit 7 years ago

use a proxy?

unfilledspace 7 years ago

Use bitcoins -_-

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S u y u was updated.
7 years ago
why can't i contact you
2bit 7 years ago

"why bother?"

suyu 7 years ago

because cool site and i see myself on it

iamawisp 7 years ago

Because it is a work in progress, and just like me with my self-esteem issues. :P

signalsolonset 7 years ago

You only get so much time before you sputter out. Don't wait too long, alright?

Reworked my login page, wait 10 seconds for cool things to pop up.
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signalsolonset 7 years ago


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woop woop it's the sound of da police
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anthonynaber 7 years ago


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