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Whoa! My father bought me a book to learn JavaScript and some English books! That JavaScript contains a lot of resources, and you can learn while watching videos! I'm very excited! 🌸🌸 I plan to study in high school for three years. You can supervise me 🌸🌸 I am also very eager for you to answer my doubts!
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soukds 6 days ago


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koshka 6 days ago

恭喜! JavaScript比CSS/HTML更难学习,但我认为你会做得很好! Congratulations! JavaScript is much harder to learn than CSS/HTML, but I think you'll do very well!

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bye, 😭😭😭 I'm going to stay at school tomorrow 😭😭😭 I don't want to go at all 😭 I don't believe I can get along with others 😭😭 I can only wish myself good luck 😭.
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koshka 2 weeks ago

我很遗憾听到这个! 我从来没有和学校里的其他人相处过,真的很讨厌它。 有一天,学校终于结束了,你永远不必再关心这一切。 当那一天终于到来时,这是非常自由的。 I'm sorry to hear that! I never got along with other people in school either and really hated it. One day school will finally be over, and you'll never have to care about all of that again. It is very freeing when that day finally comes.

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koshka 3 weeks ago

我喜欢画上的眼睛怎么看!! 拥有自己的网站在现代是一件非常独特的事情。 大多数人只是坚持社交媒体,没有别的。 I love how the eyes on the painting look!! Having your own website is a very unique thing in modern times. Most people just stick to social media and nothing else.

soukds 2 weeks ago

I agree with you. This suggestion makes me think that having my own website can try to do some forms that are not available on social media. I am full of expectations. 我同意你的想法。这个建议让我认为拥有一个自己的网站可以尝试做一些社交媒体上没有的形式。我充满了期待。

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