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6 years ago
michiruyamane 6 years ago

luxury elite sounds perfect here

michiruyamane 6 years ago

may i suggest adding "version=3" in the src attribute of the iframe though? It doesn't loop for me otherwise (i'm using the latest chrome, so nothing weird)

Do you check your Twitter and your messages?
webnavi 6 years ago

Yea, I do, I'm just not super active right now. I'll probably get back to being more active in the next week or two.

I'm late on this, and I posted in your guestbook but I just wanted to say that you have an awesome website already set up; can't wait to see more.
webnavi 6 years ago

Thanks, I'm interested to see where your site goes, that first page or two that you've got up is cool.

Cool stuff, I'm super interested in conlangs, and this sites looking pretty good so far. Keep it up.
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